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Tuesday, the 11th we will leave for Denver. Autumn is already gone, Sölden is over, though I did not make any World cup-points and cumulate a few mistakes, this race has helped me a lot and has given me much energy for this winter.

Actually, there is not so much snow in Colorado, but I believe that our training hill in Vail will be icy and difficult as usual, exactly what I need to work on my GS-turn.

November is a month I really like since we can ski a lot, we have good snow conditions and we do not feel that tiredness so common during the summer. When we are overseas, not many people care about us skiers, it is a relaxed time and this allows me to concentrate completely on sport and those weeks before the season really begins gives me a lot of energy.
When I look outside I see a colorful explosion of yellow, red and orange, the top of the mountain has already turned white and I realize that I am ready for the winter!