A blank page to be written…

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My 4th world championship is already history. I came back home with a bronze medal, some amazing and solid skiing, a few bad moments when nothing went the way I wanted to and many missed opportunities.

It wasn't my best world championship but neither the worst, in the end it was another great lesson I've learned. I've never been as conscious as I am now that the only thing that really matters is what you're doing on the slope; motivation, preparation, calmness are factors that can help or stop you but the real moment, the one that matters, is when you're in the start gate and you can concentrate on all what you are and what you have done in your skiing.
Skiing is not so difficult, but being the fastest isn't also easy, otherwise we would all be world champions, don't you think? When in the finish or just watching the races everything feels better and it looks easier; everyone knows it better, few try to help, others just like to criticize everybody and everything but the only one who can do mistakes it's you when you ski it and risk it.

Another chapter is written and over but in front of me I still have many races to go and a lot of blank pages that only wait to be written… I will work on details, eliminate errors, improve everything and always push myself to be better, day after day. … and I will always give my best!

Thank you for your support, thanks to my family, my team, my sponsors and everyone that makes the sport live!

See you soon